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Pet Couriers & Pet Escorts

Finally, you’ve found your new friend and you are ready to have them collected and brought to your home. There are many ways this is possible.

Pet Couriers are businesses that will pick up multiple pets and courier them from a-b together, usually overground, or as cargo in the hold of an aircraft. A bona fide courier will transport the pets in separate areas, of course, but they will still be together and can still drop off other pets on the way to your pet’s destination. This requires the need for a very comprehensive pet insurance policy for the courier, which we recommend is checked as part of any enquiry.

Pet Escorts, otherwise known as Pet Nannies, Pet Air Nannies, Flight accompaniers, Pet Travel Companions, and One-to-One Pet Services are slightly different in that these are usually one person, who will accompany just your pet(s) from a-b without collecting or delivering any other pets along the way. Transport can be by car or in the cabin of an aircraft for example. Transporting pets like this can possibly be less stressful, certainly for the pet, however, check for their credentials, reviews, and MO (Modus Operandi) as part of the enquiry.

We have carefully selected pet couriers and pet escorts for this purpose. Please get in touch with at least two of them and remember to include the following vital information for a quote: