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Regpets-About Us


RegPets is a UK based Classified Advertisement Agency, that lists cats and dogs for sale across most countries in the World. The heart and foundation of RegPets is to ensure you can search, list and buy cats and dogs for pets with the reassurance that the listings and people are genuine. We ensure all pets listings on our platform are real and are governed by Registration Body rules that are run in the best interests of both the pets and the buyers.

We are animal lovers, registered breeders and owners of pets ourselves and it’s extremely important to us to ensure that any animal being sold is done in the correct manner. This ensures that the cat or dog is coming from a home that understands its well-being from the moment it is born. All our breeder’s and stud owner’s registrations have been manually checked to ensure they are genuine, registered, and not on any kind of suspension list. This additionally ensures a safe environment for buyers to come to.

Why Do We Do This?

At Regpets, we love our pets and want to play our part in putting an end to backyard breeding, scams and animal cruelty. We want to ensure that the platform our customers are purchasing their new pets from is reputable and genuine and the pets are as healthy as we can ensure them to be.

We have now gone international and over the years have connected with trusted breeders and stud owners across the World. This gives our buyers a wider choice in the breeds available to them, which may not be easy through other channels. We have also have a dedicated page for suggested reputable couriers to come, so that they can ensure that regardless of where you purchase your pet from, it gets to you safely.

Regpets has also compiled a database of many global cat and dog breeds to help new pet owners find the right pet that suits their lifestyle, family and environment. This is continually being assessed and added to as things change.